1. What forms of support does the PPDS offer?

The core work of PPDS advisors is located in schools where they support individual teachers, groups of teachers and whole staffs in implementation of the Primary School Curriculum and in organisational and development planning.In-class modelling is an integral feature of the in-class support offered by the PPDS. Modelling comprises a series of stages that include dialogue with teachers before and after the modelled session. Support will be targetted at a specific need identified by the school 
  • facilitating the school planning day
Advisors can assist schools in facilitating, structuring and managing the planning day so that the development planning process is used to address the school's priorities.
  • school clusters

Schools within the region may cluster to access the support of an advisor.The focus of support will be agreed between the participating schools and the PPDS advisors in advance.

  • after school workshops and courses

After schools workshops and courses can be provided either in your school or in an Education Centre, in collaboration and co-operation with the Education Centre.

  • Teacher Professional Communities (TPCs)

The PPDS works in conjunction with DWEC to create, develop and support communities of learners among primary teachers called Teacher Professional Communities (TPCs).

A TPC may be initiated by a group of teachers who share an interest in a particular curricular area or who share a common challenge, for instance teaching in the infant classroom, language support teaching or teaching in the multi-class context. Click on the following link for more information.

Teachers sometimes want to contact a PPDS advisor and clarify curricular/organisational/planning issues by telephone. Contact details for all advisors are on the regional posters distributed to all schools. Please check out all sections of this website for resources/templates which may help you in your teaching.



2. I intend to organise a planning day/staff meeting, how will my school identify the support I require?

To help you decide on what support you require, please access our identification of needs for support booklet an leagan Gaeilge.

Schools may close, with Board of Management approval, for one day during the school year for development planning purposes.  This day will link in with each school's ongoing development planning priorities. Schools may address self-identified planning issues, including curricular, methodologies and/or organisational priorities on this day. The application form is intended to assist schools in prioritising their areas of need.

The school may identify the support required from the PPDS by chosing from among the following:

  • Facilitation and management of the entire, or part of the planning day/planning meeting/staff meeting. The advisor will assist the school by structuring the timetable and in using the development planning process- review, prioritise, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate- to address the school's chosen priorities.
  • Email or telephone advice prior to the day
  • Access to resources via PPDS website
  • Assistance with preparation should school decide to run the day by themselves
  • Ongoing support for the planning co-ordinators or planning teams

3. What advice is available in relation to holding a planning day or meeting?

4. How do I apply for PPDS support?

  • Contact with any member of your regional team - all regional team members are detailed on the regional posters
  • Directly with the PPDS office.