In 2008/2009, language support teachers were invited to attend two days of in-service training on English as an Additional Language. To complement this professional development, Principals are invited to attend one day of in-service training on EAL during this school year.

Introductory seminar - day 1

This seminar aimed to provide language support teachers with an overview of language acquisition and effective EAL teaching. An opportunity to explore the English Language Proficiency Benchmarks in relation to Listening and Speaking and to define and illustrate assessment in the context of EAL was also provided at this seminar.

Follow-on seminar - day 2

The second seminar aimed to provide language support teachers with an overview of reading and writing and to explore the Primary School Assessment Kit in this context. The seminar also aimed to define and illustrate team-teaching and to explore planning in the context of EAL.

Principals' seminar

This seminar, targeted at Principals, explored the role of the Principal in the context of English as an Additional Language. Participants were also afforded the opportunity to consider and share best practice in relation to common areas of concern.


 Seminar slides: introductory seminar                 

 Seminar slides: follow-on seminar          

Seminar slides: Principals' seminar

Useful resources for EAL

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Useful links for EAL

During the course of its existence, Integrate Ireland Language and Training (IILT) published an extensive range of materials for Language Support Teachers in both primary and post-primary schools. These publications are now available for download on the NCCA website.

  •  Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative

The Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative's website contains valuable information and resources for teachers and schools related to modern languages. Many of the approaches advocated in these resources complement the work of the Langauge Support Teacher. Click here to access the website.