Cross Border Digital Creativity Project 2 CBDCP2/Truck Project

Phase 2 of the Cross Border Digital Creativity Project CBDCP2 commenced in September 2007 and is funded by the Teacher Education Section of the Department of Education & Science in the south and by NEELB and the Department of Education in the north. It is thetruck_220x165.jpg culmination of a joint collaboration between the North Eastern Education Library board and Monaghan Education Centre. The main objective of this innovative project is to provide a media based platform for the continuous professional development of all teachers.

The programmes for teachers were developed by the Curriculum Advisory and Support Service of NEELB in the north and by the Primary Professional Development Service PPDS in the south. They include studio discussions illustrated by footage of classroom teaching and the development of key themes currently relevant to schools. The production was made possible using the resources of the "Truck", the NEELB mobile Digital Creativity Centre. The programmes can be accessed by clicking the links below.

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