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Section 31. Education Sector A - Teachers Performance Management

31.1 Quality in schools is a matter for all concerned with, and involved in, the education of our children. Schools have a crucial role to play in ensuring that every aspect of their activity is carried out at a level commensurate with best practice, taking their particular context factors into account. It is also the case that under the Education Act 1998 a school is required to establish and maintain systems whereby the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations can be assessed. In this context Section 26 of the Education Act 1998 sets out the responsibilities and functions of the school principal which covers, inter alia, the creation of a school environment which is supportive of learning and on a day-to day basis the guidance and direction of the teachers and the promotion of their professional development, for which the principal is accountable to the employer. The School Development Planning Initiative provides the support to schools in the process of internal review and in formulating their school plans.

31.2 The parties recognise that within the overall performance of a school or education centre the effectiveness of the contribution made by each teacher is critical not only to the interests of the specific students for which the individual teacher has direct responsibility but also to the overall performance of the school. The parties agree that the most appropriate basis for the development of strategies to enhance team and individual contribution is in the context of school development planning and holistic self evaluation processes conducted by the school in line with best practice.

31.3 Accordingly the parties have agreed that each school will utilise the Department of Education publications Looking at our School - an aid to self evaluation in primary schools (2003) and Looking at our schools - an aid to self evaluation in second level schools (2003) to conduct a self evaluation of school performance.

31.4 It is agreed that schools will consider the role and contribution of teachers to overall school performance in the context of the school development plan. Each school will assess performance by using the themes for self evaluation set out in the above documents for the aspect Teaching and Learning as a dimension of overall school performance

31.5 These provisions will also apply to centres of education