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Cross curricular resources

Recent curriculum reports and evaluations indicate that the development of generic teaching approaches and strategies, such as active learning, differentiation, integration, and assessment are key to effective teaching and learning. In line with these recommendations, the PPDS has devised a variety of resources below to support cross curricular approaches and methodologies.

In addition to these resources, you may find our Publications page useful. Included in this page are editions of our curriculum magazine "Lámha Suas" and articles the PPDS has submitted to the InTouch magazine. These publications aim to support teachers in using a wide range of cross-curricular methodologies and have proved very popular with teachers.

Active learning

videoicon20.jpgFoghlaim Gníomhach - an t-ainmbriathar

videoicon20.jpgFieldwork – use of the local environment

videoicon20.jpgInfants: Number Fans

videoicon20.jpgInfants: Counting Can

videoicon20.jpgMiddle Classes: Counting Stick

videoicon20.jpgMiddle Classes: Target Board

videoicon20.jpgSenior Classes: Counting Choir

videoicon20.jpgSenior Classes: Loop Game

videoicon20.jpgData in the infant classroom

videoicon20.jpgCapacity in the middle classes

videoicon20.jpgLines and angles in senior classes




videoicon20.jpgNaíonán: Eisteacht agus freagairt

videoicon20.jpgDúile beo: Dearadh agus déanamh

videoicon20.jpgRang 5 - Na Caitheamh Aimsire

videoicon20.jpgRang 5 - Briathra Neamhrialta

videoicon20.jpgRang 2: Ceist agus freagairt, cluiche x agus o

videoicon20.jpgRang 2: Ceist agus freagairt, cluiche chláir

videoicon20.jpg5th class problem solving in PE: Hula Hut

videoicon20.jpg5th class problem solving in PE: Bull Ring

videoicon20.jpg5th class problem solving in PE: Traffic Lights

videoicon20.jpg4th Class: Relating to others




 Managing and teaching writing in the multi-class setting: Infants - 2nd class

videoicon20.jpgRecount Writing in the multi-class setting: Infants - 2nd class

videoicon20.jpgInvestigating soils in the multi-class setting 3rd - 6th







 orienteering.jpg Writing across the curriculum  writing.jpg

Language across the curriculum



 ICT in Teaching and Learning


  • Using Robots for Language and Literacy
videoicon20.jpgFree Play with the Robots

videoicon20.jpgProgramming the Robot


videoicon20.jpgLanguage Development 1 (Street)

videoicon20.jpgLanguage Development 2 (Street Map)

videoicon20.jpgLanguage Development 3 (Two Bee Bots)

videoicon20.jpgLanguage Development 4 (Farm)


  • Skype Trí Ghaeilge
videoicon20.jpgAg cleachtadh

videoicon20.jpgAg Caint ar Skype


  •   Web 2.0



videoicon20.jpgPresenting Blogs



videoicon20.jpgUsing Wikis - Classroom Management

videoicon20.jpgWikis 2






  • ICT and Writing 


videoicon20.jpgUsing visualiser and IWB - Procedural Writing

videoicon20.jpgUsing IWB to highlight important words

videoicon20.jpgUsing a digital camera to record a procedure

videoicon20.jpgUsing IWB to record tips for Procedures

videoicon20.jpgRate the Sample

videoicon20.jpgDeveloping Writing using Photostory

videoicon20.jpgDeveloping Writing using Microsoft Word

videoicon20.jpgDeveloping Writing using Microsoft Publisher


  • ICT and Assessment

videoicon20.jpg E-portfolio - Children's session

videoicon20.jpg E-Portfolio - Teacher's Interview

videoicon20.jpgUsing Video and IWB in Assessment of PE

videoicon20.jpgUsing IWB - Peer Assessment