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Evaluation examines whether the aims and success criteria of the plan/policy have been achieved. It will be made easier if clear success criteria have been identified at the beginning. The evaluation can be based on evidence from reports, tests and oral feedback. Evaluation should always lead to decisions even if that means the decision to continue current practice.

  • How will the changes be evaluated?
  • What has been the impact of the policy/change on pupil learning?
  • Have the aims and success criteria outlined in the plan/policy been achieved? What is the evidence for this?
  • Should a questionnaire be circulated to evaluate changes? If so, who will draft questions/collate responses/give feedback
  • Have assessments shown the desired improvements - standardised tests, portfolios, teacher observation and tests?
  • Have the changes introduced improved other areas e.g. attendance levels, behaviour etc.?
  • Is there feedback from a Whole School Evaluation, inspector's comments?
  • Is there staff feedback - class teachers, support teachers, principal, others?
  • What have parents said? Feedback from parent-teacher meetings, class meetings with parents, informal contacts, focus groups.
  • What feedback has the Board of Management provided?
  • Would themes as set out in "Looking at our School" or the NCCA reflective document assist the evaluation process?