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Implementation is the next step in the planning process following the drafting of the plan/policy. Successful implementation depends on consultation and ownership of the decisions reached in relation to a particular topic. Plans and policies will be more successful if teachers, parents and pupils see the benefits for teaching and learning arising from the implementation of a policy or plan.

Monitoring is a continuous process, examining the progress of the plan as it is being carried out.

How can you ensure that the decisions made are being implemented?

  • Are teachers aware of the areas prioritised for implementation? Is this workload manageable?
  • Has every teacher (including sub/temporary teachers) the knowledge/skills/experience to do what is required? * Can support for implementation be differentiated depending on the skills/experience of teachers?
  • Who will be assigned to provide that support/advice?
  • Do teachers see the value of implementing decisions reached in terms of pupil learning?
  • Is there a specified time frame for implementation?
  • Could/should implementation be carried out on a pilot basis i.e. in a few classes for short period?
  • Could reminders be given to teachers? (re decisions made/implementation dates etc.)
  • Have teachers been provided with the identified resources necessary to implement the decisions?
  • Would it help if a teacher gave a demonstration in a class situation or made a video/tape recording etc?
  • Would a tour of the school/classrooms give teachers ideas for implementation?
  • Are there exemplars available? (teacher portfolio of samples depending on the topic/subject)
  • How will teacher preparation and monthly reports assist implementation?
  • Can the yearly calendar specify the implementation focus for particular periods?
  • Have agreed decisions been recorded in the process section of the Plean Scoile?
How will the changes be monitored?
  • Could a post holder or co-ordinator liaise with teachers regarding implementation?
  • Could principal/teachers/review committee monitor implementation?
  • Will time be allocated at teacher/staff meetings for progress reports?
  • Can evidence (e.g. feedback from the school community, observation of classroom practice, assessments, children's homework journals/copies) inform the monitoring process?
  • Could the pupils monitor their own progress in relation to their learning? (e.g. progress in test results, learning objectives achieved etc.)
  • Can current practice be documented a few months after the implementation date?