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 National Guidelines issued by DES and other organisations
DoHC (2009)

pdf Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children 904.17 Kb

NEWB (2008) pdf Developing a Code of Behaviour: Guidelines for Schools 889.17 Kb
NEPS (2007)

pdf Responding to Critical Incidents - Resource Materials for Schools 272.07 Kb

NEPS (2007) pdf Responding to Critical Incidents - Guidelines for Schools 183.14 Kb

Inspectorate (2007)

pdf Information for Parents / Parents' Associations on WSE 526.39 Kb

DES (2007) pdf Visiting Teacher Service Information Leaflet 508.36 Kb
NPC (2007) pdf The Board of Management in your Primary School - a Guide for Parents 282.09 Kb

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NCCA (2007) Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum Guidelines for Schools
NCCA/CCEA (2007) pdf Exceptionally Able Students Draft Guidelines for Teachers 1.42 Mb

NEPS (2007)

pdf Special Educational Needs - a Continnuum of Support: Guidelines for Teachers 1.66 Mb


NEPS (2007)

pdf Special Educational Needs - a Continnuum of Support: Resource Pack for Teachers 295.56 Kb


NCSE (2007)

pdf Guidelines on the Individual Education Plan Process 1.71 Mb
Inspectorate (2006) pdf Procedure for Review of Inspections on Schools and Teachers 66.94 Kb
Inspectorate (2006)

pdf Guidelines for Probationary Teachers 816.42 Kb

Inspectorate (2006)

pdf A Guide to Whole School Evaluation in Primary Schools 220.71 Kb

Inspectorate (2006)

pdf Publication of School Inspection Reports Guidelines 204.56 Kb

NCCA (2006) pdf English as an Additional Language Draft Guidelines for Teachers 363.62 Kb 
DES/Equality Authority (2006) pdf Schools and the Equal Status Acts 1.01 Mb
HSCL (2006) pdf The Home, School, Community Liaison Scheme in Ireland - from Vision to Best Practice 790.61 Kb
Inspectorate (2006) pdf An Evaluation of Planning in Thirty Primary Schools 628.63 Kb
DES (2005) pdf Directory of Contact Details 752.20 Kb
Social Inclusion (2005) pdf DEIS - an Action Plan for Educational Inclusion 606.20 Kb
NCCA (2005) Intercultural Education - Guidelines (online only)
Inspectorate (2005) pdf An Evaluation of Curriculum Implementation - English, Maths and Visual Arts 1.65 Mb
Inspectorate (2005)
pdf Literacy and Numeracy in Disadvantaged Schools (LANDS Report) 759.16 Kb
DES (2005) pdf Report and Recommendations for a Traveller Education_strategy 549.94 Kb
NEPS (2005) pdf Working Together to Make a Difference for Children - Information for Parents 179.16 Kb
NCCA (2004) ICT in the Primary School Curriculum: Guidelines for Teachers (on-line only)
NEPS (2003) pdf The NEPS Model of Service 700.25 Kb
Inspectorate (2003) Looking at Our School
Inspectorate (2002) pdf Traveller Education - Guidelines 247.79 Kb
Inspectorate (2002) pdf Professional Code of Practice on Evaluation and Reporting for the Inspectorate 67.79 Kb

DES/NCCA (2002)

pdf Primary School Curriculum Guidelines for Parents 244 bytes

ROE (2002) pdf Progress Report on the School Development Planning Initiative 755.25 Kb
DES (2002) pdf Substance Use Policy Guidelines 83.58 Kb
DES (2002) pdf Behaviour and Discipline Guidelines 40.43 Kb
DES (2001) pdf Child Protection Guidelines and Procedures 150.80 Kb
DES (2001) pdf Amalgamation of First Level Schools: Commission on School Accommodation 463.66 Kb
DES (2000) pdf Learning Support Guidelines 474.08 Kb
DoHC (1999) pdf Children First: Summary of National Guidelines (Dept of Health and Children) 350.50 Kb
DoHC (1999) pdf Children First: National guidelines for the protection and welfare of children 926.86 Kb
DES (1999) pdf Developing a School Plan Guidelines 427.88 Kb
DES (1997) pdf Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Policy Guidelines 214.61 Kb
DES (1993) pdf Countering Bullying Behaviour Guidelines 46.79 Kb